Simple Ways to be More LGBTQ+ Inclusive In Life

Fostering an LGBTQ+ inclusive attitude in life is integral to making everyone feel secure and at ease. You may not realize it, but a small good deed goes a long way, especially for someone who has been under public scrutiny all their life.

LGBTQ+ inclusion is the first step you can take to lift the overbearing burden of public shame from members of the queer community. Remember that change starts with you. Become the example people need to slash unnecessary taboos and create a community where humans reside without any judgment.

Keep reading, and you’ll find a list of simple ways you can easily incorporate into your everyday lives to be more LGBTQ+ inclusive.

Be Mindful of Identities and Pronouns

Respectful communication should be your first goal. It starts with putting a pause on gender-specific words. For instance, if you spot a group of people standing nearby, avoid referring to them as “bros,” “ladies,” “dudes,” etc.

Using such terms in the presence of mixed-gender individuals can lead to misgendering and cause them to isolate themselves into loneliness. If you’re unsure about how to refer to someone, you can simply ask how they would like to be referred.

This isn’t something you should be embarrassed about. Asking shows caring and allows people to be comfortable with their identities.

Listening is another component that is equally important as talking. Respectful listening includes but is not limited to no interruption, overtalking, and especially no overexplaining.

Portray Normal Reactions

Portraying negative reactions with your facial expressions or body language can make the other person feel uncomfortable and discouraged and even ruin their day. Try to maintain neutral expressions and practice how you can portray your emotions without being disrespectful.

Break Free From Stereotypes

Step out of general biases, prejudice, negative media influences, or judging someone based on social beliefs. It’s natural for our behavior to be influenced by the information we are exposed to. Thus, most of your beliefs stem from what the world views as positive or negative. But there’s more to a story than how it is communicated to us. In this case, you must be alert when interacting with all types of people and ensure your judgment doesn’t influence the way you mingle with them.

Understand Privileges

Privileges stem from cultural, political, and social constructions that impact the hierarchy of individuals in a society. Thus, start with understanding your ordinary privileges. This can be your skin color, religion, ethnicity, sexuality, etc.

Look around you for people who lack that privilege and use it to help and speak out for LBTQ+ members of society. Notice when societal biases are playing out around you, and make efforts to put an end to them.

Continue To Educate Yourself

Try reading books and listening to podcasts or ted talks conducted by members of the LGBTQ+ community. You can learn a lot about inclusion and equality from such resources and even get connected with online communities. The more you learn about marginalization and discrimination faced by your LGBTQ+ counterparts, the more you can stand in solidarity with them effectively.


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