Tips To Embrace Your Sexual Orientation

As the world takes a seemingly positive stance towards the LGBTQ community, coming out as gay has been easier for most individuals. Despite that, there are still various individuals who face the everyday challenge of accepting their desires.

While being worried about other people’s opinions of them is one of the reasons for this, the lack of self-acceptance is where the problem usually starts. Self-acceptance comes at the core of being comfortable with your sexual interests.

If that’s what you’ve been trying to tackle, here are the top tips for embracing your sexual orientation and breaking the taboo surrounding it.

Change Your Circle

Thinking that you’re different from people in your family or friend circle can lead people to disassociate themselves from the crowd. This results in loneliness and hence depression.

The truth is that there’s nothing unusual with who you are. You’re just surrounded by dissimilar people. The only solution here is to find the right circle. Get connected with LBTQ+ groups either physically or online. This can be a really powerful and eye-opening experience.

You no longer have to keep your sexual orientation to yourself. You can say it out loud among people who are on the same path in their journeys as well. Not only would you feel good about yourself, but it also casts away the massive burden of secrecy that was previously harming you.

Listen To Your Inner Voice

While it’s always great to be surrounded by people who are on the same ship as you, you don’t have to apply their stories to your experiences. Their life journey is specific to them only. Instead, you can choose to be motivated by their experiences and listen to your inner voice to explore the spectrum of your sexuality.


Break The Religious Guilt

Religious guilt is yet another obstacle keeping you from self-acceptance of your actual sexual orientation. Thus, familiarizing yourself with modern faith and reading books on gay tolerance in religion can help you break free from that shell. You can also consult a gay pastor, and listening to their story may show you a new side of religion altogether that accepts everyone.

Representation Matters

Express your sexuality, don’t hide from it! Make a note of your interests and hobbies, then find the queer alternatives of those aspects. For instance, if you look dancing, you can join a gay dance club or if you’re interested in fashion, wear clothes or accessories that express who you are.

With tools that resonate with things you like, you can get a clearer understanding of your sexuality. Thus, you would be more confident and secure about expressing it.

Don’t Rush For Labels

Getting to the pinnacle of your sexual orientation is a long journey. At no point in this journey should you feel the need to rush. Go at your own pace, and don’t compare yourself with others because you don’t know when their story began.

Most importantly, don’t run after labels. You don’t have to know which sub-category you fit in from the very beginning. With time this mystery will be unveiled too. Until then, you’re already a part of something bigger. You’re already a part of a community. Be secure in knowing that and leave the specifics to be unraveled with time.


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